Fragments Part I - "Traviata" - La Traviata, Act III: Preludio, scena e aria (Giuseppe Verdi) by Teodor Currentzis and musicAeterna.
Teodor Currentzis - Verdi



The project “Fragments” features a series of iconic opera scenes recorded during lockdown at musicAeterna’s home residence, Dom Radio in St Petersburg. With their signature perfectionism and dedication, Teodor Currentzis and the musicians have spent many hours rehearsing and recording in the studio in order to capture the true expressiveness of the performed masterpieces. Each of the recorded scenes will get its own visualization by various filmmakers who will create videos that reflect the concepts behind the music. The first recording in the series is taken from Giuseppe Verdi’s La Traviata and is made in collaboration with NOIR Films (St Petersburg), a team of video artists that specializes in experimental films and video art. Teodor Currentzis says “This is a project that I’ve been dreaming about for a long time […] to make opera when there is plenty of time to make exactly the music I want to; to only care about the true essence of the piece and not about how to make it hectically in three days. So, we grabbed the opportunity and decided to creatively use this difficult period of time that we are all going through […] while opera houses are closed […] This seemed to be the right time to reconsider the approach of making music in a manner that would allow us to finally reach the inner layer of the musical text. This project will be a compilation of fragments, scenes from different operas. We aim to restore the wasted beauty, the abundance of flavours and colours that have been sacrificed on the altar of the mainstream and the music industry.”

International album release: December 4, 2020








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